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WordPress 101

Hello there! I’m Jeffrey Choi, and I make money building & maintaining other people’s websites. Creating income with my website development business, together with the management of multiple WordPress websites, came at a surprise, but being able to do so is amazing. If these are things that you would like to do, I hope to help you get there!

What Do I Use?

These are the resources I ALWAYS use for any website that I have or make. I also try to promote them to my clients as I truly believe in them. And with complete honesty, I am an affiliate of some of these companies and I receive commissions if you purchase them through the links below. If you purchase from them, I truly thank you and appreciate the support!


#1 Content Management System


#1 Hosting for Websites


#1 WordPress Theme &
Visual Page Builder

Divi Hacks

#1 All-in-One Plugin for Divi


I’m not going to lie, without Google or YouTube, I wouldn’t be able to become a website developer or understand WordPress as much. These are tutorials that I have made, where I make video tutorials as well. I want to document things that I have learned, and I hope they can you help you, too!