If you’ve been wanting a website for your blog or your e-commerce store, then no look no further! You’ve probably heard of WordPress but what you must know also is how to set it up, and hosting is what you’ll need! A hosting platform or a hosting service provider is what’s required for your website to be viewed online.

There are multiple providers out there, but today, I’ll introduce to you… SiteGround! The best and most affordable hosting platform I have been using for years! I hope you enjoy the video and I hope it helps you to take your first step to starting your online endeavours!
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P.S. This is the first video I have made where I spent extra amounts of time to try to be as informative and descriptive. I even wrote a bit of script for it, which eventually turned to a bit of a freestyle at one point… I know the audio could be better as well, but I will definitely do my best to improve the quality of the video/audio! I really do hope this video helps!

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